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4. Style 

Think about the leadership style of your organisation.

  • Is it consistent and effective?

  • Does it align with the strategy?

  • Are there people within the organisation that are going against the style of the team or the organisation?

  • Does anything about the style need to change?  

  • ​​What actions will you commit to as a leadership team in order to be closer to achieving your strategic goals?

  • Remember to think about treating the underlying cause of any challenges you may be experiencing.

  • Resist the urge to simply treat the symptom, as doing so will only provide a quick-fix solution, and may not ultimately lead you to where you are wanting to go.  


TIP: Do not decide on any action as a result of this exercise alone, review it again once you have completed the other three ‘S’ stages, it may give you ideas on how you can improve some of your people's potential. 

Discuss what your 4-S people

review has uncovered

Guidance is provided to you here so that you can run your own session and begin to understand how reviewing your people will allow you to better align their capabilities towards your strategic objective.

One of the seven steps of Nina Mapson Bone's unique people strategy consulting methodology is the '4-S' review session, adapted from McKinsey's 7-S framework. This exercise can be conducted as a session in its own right.

Guidance for running your own

'4-S' people review session. 

2. Skills 

List the job titles in your team/organisation.

  • Identify the key skills required for these jobs as they currently are and as they will be in the next 3 years (max 5 skills).

  • Rate staff against these skills.

TIP: Review the position descriptions to see if these are the skills listed, and update if needed

3. Structure

  • Create a chart with attitude on the Y axis and performance on the X axis.

  • Plot your staff on the chart to map their potential.

  • Peer review to check for unconscious bias.

  • Has anything about this exercise surprised you?

  • Assess the structure of the team/organisation for the strategy you are executing.

  • Looking at current structure, consider where you could play better to your people's strengths and where there may be efficiencies to be gained.

  • Observing your strategy, if you were designing your structure from scratch how would it differ? 

1. Staff 

  • Prioritise  your actions and sequence them in order of impact.

  • Only commit to between 1-3 initially, that way they are more likely to be achieved. 


Running a 4-S review session can allow you to think differently about your people, seeing potential in them that you may have previously overlooked, opening avenues to unlock your strategy that remain hidden when caught up in the day-to-day. 

To have Nina facilitate this session, or to find out more about her unique consulting methodology or other people strategy services, please visit 



This guidance is designed to provide general background information to assist you when thinking about your people within your organisation.

The material in this document does not constitute legal, accounting or other professional advice.

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