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A Career Changing Book by NINA MAPSON BONE

Meaningful Work by Nina Mapson Bone paperback book
5 star rating

"An essential guide to getting more out of your working life, and building happy, effective and motivated teams."

Liz Gibbons

Executive Editor, BBC World Service

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“Nina has written a book I didn’t know I needed to read - it’s an essential guide to getting more out of your working life, and building happy, effective and motivated teams. It’s free of jargon, and packed with useful tools to help you make better decisions during a time of profound change in the world of work."

Liz Gibbons, Executive Editor
BBC World Service

About Meaningful Work

  • Are you seeking more meaningful work?

  • Have you been unfulfilled in a variety of jobs, organisations or careers and wondered why?

  • Are you looking for ways to make your current job more meaningful?

  • Or are you looking for work but are unclear how to get it right this time?


Meaningful Work will unlock your unique path to career fulfilment. This book will help you define what meaningful work is for you, distilling it down into three key messages you can reflect upon for your own career. Learn how to get to the heart of what is meaningful for you, and how to use this to find contentment in your current or future role. Read more...

What makes Meaningful Work unique?



It is based on world-first and Australian-first research that hasn’t yet been adopted into everyday language for the wider public.



Practical frameworks and activities, modelled on evidenced based research, are shared allowing you to identify what you might need to do differently to generate meaningful work.


Real Stories

Real-life inspiring examples of people who have found meaningful work, sharing their inflexion points and the sometimes-surprising paths they took to get there.


Future of Work

It shares the trends in the future of work, including demographics and artificial intelligence showing how understanding the factors of meaningful work will better prepare you for what is coming. 

How did Meaningful Work come about?

In 2019 Beaumont People commissioned world-first research into meaningful work. An Australian-first because there had never been any research on what meaningful work meant for Australians, and a world-first because no-one had ever looked at both the psychological factors and the sociological factors of meaningful work. 


As a result of this research in 2021, Beaumont People released the Meaningful Work Profile Tool to allow individuals to measure what meaningful work was for them. Read more... 

Who should read Meaningful Work?

You enjoy your job but would like to find even greater meaning within it

You are struggling to clarify why you are often unhappy at work

You are unsure if you have chosen the wrong career

You are actively looking for work and want to better understand how to get it right this time

You have been somewhat successful in your career but could be more satisfied

You are wondering why you are still frustrated despite changing jobs or organisations

You think that career satisfaction is a myth

You are a leader who wants to provide meaningful work

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