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& Facilitation

"So respected, wise and human." 

Andrew Klein

Professional MC & Facilitator

"We have been working with Nina for the last five months to really look at our business and how we can make it better.


It has been a great journey and Nina has helped us so much! Nina has helped us find lots of places to develop, which is great, but more importantly she has brought the whole team on the journey and now we know what we want to do to improve and we are all onboard!"

Tim Stubbs - Founding Director

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Nina Mapson Bone provides consulting, advisory and facilitation services.


Working with boards, CEOs, founders and executive leaders, she is masterful at drawing out of others what they do not see in themselves.

Nina's true expertise lies in bridging the disconnect between strategy and people’s needs, capabilities and motivations, allowing organisations to move that strategy from ideas on a page to realised high performing outcomes.

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 Consulting Information Pack

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Trade frustration

for progress by

running your own

'4-S' session

"Some people back you, some people understand you, and some people help you grow. Nina Mapson Bone has [as President of the RCSA] delivered the Hat Trick."

Charles Cameron


If you are struggling with executing some aspect of your strategy and do not understand why, consulting with Nina may be the answer.


Her unique 7-step consulting methodology which looks at the strategy-people disconnect, will truly define the challenge and opportunity you have. 


It then takes you through a thorough step-by-step approach that will analyse the gaps between your current state and your desired future state. This allows you to test multiple solutions before deciding on the best course of action to achieve the results you desire, ensuring your people are engaged in the journey along the way.

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Unique Methodology

Nina can also be brought in to facilitate board discussions or executive leadership meetings where an objective presence helps draw out nuance and ideas.


In this way Nina can be relied upon to ask questions, make suggestions, and bring to the fore topics that hitherto may have been difficult to address.


Finally, Nina can be engaged as an advisor, working with you in a longer-term capacity. If your board skills matrix is lacking talent & culture capabilities at a strategic level, you may benefit from having ongoing access to Nina's expertise.

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Hidden Gems

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"A true leader of industry, a mentor, an inspiration, and an absolutely lovely person to be in the company of."

Matthew Sampson

Managing Director Aspect

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