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Speaking & Masterclasses

Nina Mapson Bone is an engaging keynote speaker, MC, facilitator and trainer who leaves audiences inspired and motivated to act.

"So respected, wise and human." 

Andrew Klein

Professional MC & Facilitator

Nina's 3 Keynotes are:


In this engaging and insightful keynote Nina shares the key reasons your strategy may be failing to be achieved. Bridging the disconnect between strategy and people’s needs, capabilities and motivations, she helps you see how your organisation can move that strategy from ideas on a page to realised high-performing outcomes. Sharing insights from her book ‘Meaningful Work’ based on world-first research, with many ‘aha’ moments you will come away with actual steps you can take to move your strategy forward. 

Bridging the strategy-people disconnect


We are taught that the fish rots from the head. This is true, and entirely crucial to set the tone. The standard we walk past is the standard we accept. However, grass roots matter too. Those grass roots are too often weeds, and too often we do walk past. It is time to entirely rethink how we manage company culture, and ensure we are not just focussing on the top. With lessons from her book ‘Meaningful Work' based on world-first research, come away from this thought-provoking keynote with an entirely different view on culture.  Your takeaway will be a framework that gives you a sustainable approach to positive workplace culture. 

Company culture starts from the top, but grass roots matter too


The ever-elusive executive presence. Something we all aspire to have. Something we struggle to define.  How do you know if you have it? How do you cultivate it? How do you build it in others? We can all recognise those leaders we feel have it, and we all know leaders we aspire to be like who display this quality. In this keynote, Nina shares some of the secrets of executive presence, including why being engaged in meaningful work will help elevate your executive presence, based on the research from her book 'Meaningful Work'. Learn the secrets to cultivating this capability and see how it can help craft your career and increase the performance of your executive leadership team. 

Cultivating executive presence


"Thoroughly enjoyed the humour, fun, encouragement, and authenticity" 

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Nina also speaks and trains on

  • Team cohesiveness 

  • Productivity and performance

  • Hiring and retaining talent

In these topics she draws on her decades of interviewing executive leaders, job seekers, and her own people leadership to share what the highest perfoming people consistently do.

 “Everyone who works with [Nina] learns an immense amount" 

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Nina's masterclasses build on her speaking topics, incorporating interactive activities, and case studies.


The participants are left with key takeaways, individualised to the person, with training handouts and reference materials to embed the learning for continual improvement.  


These sessions can be run as half day or full day masterclasses, as suits your schedule. 

"[Nina is] an absolute rockstar” 

“We set Nina a challenge in her presentation with a wide variety of experience amongst attendees – but without exception she was able to connect to and inspire the entire audience.

Her message was delivered with such clarity that our team took away concrete actions for today and were begging to have her back!”

Tim Dettman,

Director & Chief Marketing Officer, Kieser Australia

"You launched my career all those years ago and saw something in me that I couldn't see in myself" 

  • See how working with Nina can benefit you and your organisation

    15 min

Nina primarily provides these services in Australia and New Zealand 

Please contact Nina if you would like to engage her speaking services

in other countries.

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